The Famous Sugar Chef Cupcakes...

There are many cupcake shops in the world today, but we like to say that we were making cupcakes before they were popular in shops. We make our mini cakes using the very same ingredients we use in our custom cakes. Our Cupcake CollectionSimple flavors are allowed to shine by using butter + sugar + eggs + flour, we use no preservatives, and no ingredients that you can’t recognize as quality. We also have the same talented team of bakers that create our occasion cakes making our cupcakes, so the attention to detail is our priority. We can’t say what is best about our cupcakes when compared to other shops, but we can say something that not every shop can repeat. We hand make every cupcake, they are baked daily, never frozen and are made using the finest ingredients.
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Any of our Classic Cupcakes can be personalized for your event or occasion.

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